House groups

House Groups are a great way to belong and be involved in the life of our church. They provide an informal opportunity to build friendships, to give and receive encouragement, and to go deeper with God. We relax, worship, pray, read the Bible and learn together.

If you are interested in joining a group or just want to know more, please speak to Kim Kristoffersen or contact her using the link below.

House groups meet every two weeks

We meet every two weeks, alternating with the Wednesday prayer meeting.

Currently most of the groups are continuing to meet via some combination of Zoom/Facebook/WhatsApp.

There are groups across the area as follows:

When? Where? Notes
Tuesday, 7:30pm Eskbank
Wednesday, 7:30pm Dalkeith
Wednesday, 7:30pm Eskbank
Wednesday, 7:30pm Mayfield
Wednesday, 7:30pm various locations Ladies group
Thursday, 7:30pm Mayfield
Thursday, 7:30pm Newtongrange New group being started

We are thinking of starting a day time group – if you would be interested, please get in touch.

There is also a group for 20-30s being started – contact Donna Mack for details.

At this time, where face to face and large gatherings are not permitted house groups have continued to thrive and grow providing welcome opportunities for people to meet on line, chat and encourage one another, to share what God has been saying, to pray for one another, and to offer support and demonstrate love towards each other.

House Group Enquiry